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How I can help with your project

To fully understand your project and how I may help you; I offer a free, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation. This is an opportunity for us to discuss your project and answer any questions. For book projects, I will ask you to send me four pages pulled from the middle of your draft. Reading through these pages gives us both an idea of what services you need: proofreading, copyediting, or both and what the costs will be. I will create and send you a proposal that includes: my final rates, a timeline for meeting the project deadline, instructions for how we work together, and a standard service agreement.

Expected Turnaround Times: (Schedule permitting) 

Essays and articles:  48 hours.

For long-form works between 60k to 100k words:

Copy Editing requires two to three weeks and depends on the length of the manuscript and how much editing is required; it can range from “light” to “heavy”.

Proofreading usually requires a week to ten days for manuscripts between 50k and 70k words.

With the information you share with me about your content, I will create a proposal that includes:

  • my final rates
  • a timeline for meeting the project deadline
  • instructions for how we work together
  • a standard service agreement for your review and signature

If we are in agreement with the proposal, we move forward together on your project.

                                        Starting Rates by Service
Proofreading Rates: $0.01/word 1000 words: $10.00 (minimum: $10.00)
Copyediting Rates: $0.02/word 1000 words: $20.00 (minimum: $18.00)


Copyediting focuses on correcting grammar, usage, and word choices to create well-organized and structured content. This requires significantly more time than proofreading, and it can include: making organizational corrections in the layout, issues with headings, page numbering, and placement of tables and figures. Copyeditors may also flag content requiring further fact-checking, or permissions before using content in a project.


Historically, proofreading has been the final review of edited content before it is published.  The  responsibility of the proofreader is to ensure only error-free content makes it into print, or “goes public” electronically. Proofreading today remains comparatively unchanged from its beginning, with exception for virtual and electronic advancements in publishing and printing.                        

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