From Cattle Ranching to Proofreading

My name is Mary Huey Leleiwi. I grew up in a small town in eastern Colorado, where my family had a cattle ranch for three generations. Education was important to my family; I am the youngest of four siblings, three of us were teachers. Our mother’s command of the English language and grammar encouraged my love of words. I learned I have a passion for proofreading and copy editing as I completed courses in theory & practice of proofreading and copyediting. Friends and family began asking me to review their writing, which inspired me to start Mary Huey Proofreading.

I met my husband while conducting research on a cattle ranch for my Master’s thesis in Hawai’i. After graduation, we worked and lived in California, Colorado, and Hawai’i over the next twenty-five years. We raised our son and farmed Kona coffee for ten years in Hawai’i near my husband’s family. I earned my secondary teaching certificate at the University of Hawai’i and taught high school English. I also wrote ad copy, website content, and product descriptions for nutraceuticals and sea salt evaporated from deep seawater off the Kona coast. I have written grants that funded numerous nonprofit programs in Hawai’i and Colorado.

Colorado is our home again, where I have learned that experience is my most valuable asset. I am aware that my diverse interests, education, and background are of benefit to my clients. I am adept at proofreading content that I, too, have lived. Here are a few of my more familiar and diverse work experiences, beginning with the most recent:

  • Nonprofit services—public safety/victim advocacy: child sexual assault, domestic violence (Colorado)
  • Nonprofit new program creation —on-farm, agricultural tourism (Hawai’i); community gardens, farmers’ markets, (California)
  • Business—My husband and I were Jiffy Lube franchisees, we started and worked a landscape business, and we farmed Kona coffee. My two sisters, brother, and I worked together to keep our family cattle ranching operation for nineteen years after our parents died. We remain close friends. (Colorado, Hawai’i)
  • Education— I have a B.A. in Environmental Studies, an M.S. in Range Science, and secondary education teaching credentials from University of Hawai’i. I have taught English and environmental studies in high school and community colleges. (Colorado, Hawai’i)

As an avid reader of news, articles, short stories, and literature, I appreciate working with a diversity of writers and content.

I’m a lover of fine words. The world needs more of them. You can help.

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